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4.3 rating
New players can start with a free bonus! The no deposit bonus is $10 and is only available in the New Jersey state. There is also one 100% match bonus up to $2,000 for the 1st deposit.
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225% for first 5 deposits + $40 no-deposit bonus that is really easy to claim.

Prepaid Card deposit casinoA prepaid card is very convenient to use since it does not require opening an account and is issued by the bank without identifying the client. It does not even indicate the name of the client. Such cards come in different types: gift, virtual and instant issuance.

If with gift cards and instant issuance cards everything is more or less clear, then with virtual cards it is not. The virtual prepaid card is intended only for paying for purchases and making payments online. You cannot use this card at ATMs. Such a card may be issued electronically for specific purchases or transactions, or may be issued on a material carrier.

The difference between a prepaid card and a regular card

Prepaid cards are like regular bank cards, but they are still very different from debit or credit cards. The fact is that they do not require opening an account or signing an agreement, and they are also issued by the bank without identifying the client. The card is issued by the bank and then delivered to the holder.

Prepaid cards are anonymous, while debit/credit cards are issued in the name of a specific holder