Comp Points (Loyalty Points): What they are made for?

Sometimes you really want to feel gratitude and receive some kind of gift for your loyalty….and that’s where Comp Points come into play! They can be called differently and can be attached to different loyalty programs but their general concept, as a rule, remains unchanged. So let’s find out what these points are all about!

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We love to have fun at our favorite online casinos and it’s nice to get something back sometimes, isn’t it? This is where comp points come into play! Some casinos have them, some don’t. But if you find a casino that has them, then you will get a way to get rewarded every time you play using real money. Today we are going to tell you what comp points are and how they work!

Comp Points

What are Comp Points

Comp Points! What are they? How do they work? Well, first things first. The name “comp” is simply an abbreviation for the word “complementary”. In the gambling industry, these points are a way to reward or encourage you when you play on the same online casino site.

You can earn points for different activities. It can be regular use of 1 game, full profile filling, account verification and more. After collecting enough points, you can exchange them for some kind of reward, and most often for real money.

Not every casino has these bonus points and if you look for casinos that have them, you will probably notice that they are all different. But their general concept, as a rule, remains unchanged.

Before we move on, some online casinos may use a different term for these points. The so-called “Loyalty Points” is a prime example of another name for them. Some online casinos may even personalize the name to match their name, such as Freshcoins (Fresh Casino), Pincoins (Pin Up Casino), etc. But again, the reward concept is usually the same.

It may not be obvious if a particular casino has such a loyalty system. You can play and earn comp points without even knowing it! Ask the casino or check if they have this program before playing

How to Earn Comp Points

Let’s talk about how to get Comp Points! First, you can only claim Comp Points if you play for real money. No, you can’t earn them if you play demo casino games!

You will not earn Comp Points by playing free (demo) casino games

Are you trying to understand how casinos calculate rewards? Each casino has its own rules. You will earn comp points for wagering and completing “mini missions”. The exact amount of the reward depends on the casino.

For example, you can claim 1 comp point for every $10 you wager and some casinos may say they can give you 1 comp point for every $100 you wager! Or in some casinos you verify your account and get 10 points, while other casinos will not give you even 1 point for this step. Loyalty programs can vary greatly. 

Just imagine, you spend hours betting, thinking that you collect hundreds of points to exchange for cash or other goodies, when in fact you received 1-2 points! For this reason, be sure to read the rules of the casino before you start playing. Any casino should always display the conditions of their comp points.

Also, the casino may have restrictions on which games generate Comp Points. The speed at which you can earn them may also differ from casino to casino. When you play video slots, there may be a set speed, but if you play table games, you may need to bet more to get the same points ratio.

There is one more thing to pay attention to. As we said above, you can exchange points for “for some kind of reward, and most often for real money”. So, depending on your loyalty or VIP level, you can earn a more favorable rate of points to your currency. Please check out the loyalty levels table before you start collecting points!

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