Imagine you get an attractive bonus, and when you win and want to withdraw your money, you finally understand whats really going on… To avoid confusion, learn about the difference between STICKY and NON-STICKY bonuses!

One of the most common things players face when agreeing to receive a welcome bonus at an online casino is whether they signed up for a sticky or non-sticky bonus. So what usually happens…You get an attractive bonus offer, and when you finish spinning and winning and want to withdraw your money, you really understand what’s going on. To avoid confusion, we decided to talk about the difference between sticky and non-sticky bonuses and get you ready for your next gambling adventure!

Sticky and Non Sticky Bonuses

Sticky Bonus

Simply put, a sticky bonus is a bonus that can be bet, but can not be withdrawn. If the online casino website says that the bonus is for wagering purposes only, you can be sure that it is a sticky bonus. A sticky bonus can be worth just as much as a non-sticky bonus if you’re an experienced gambler and have a solid bankroll to start with, only you won’t be able to withdraw the bonus itself. The thing is, you must play a sticky bonus differently from a non sticky one to take advantage of its full potential.

A sticky bonus is a bonus that can be bet but cannot be withdrawn

In fact, a sticky bonus will give you a lot more money than a non-sticky bonus, often providing up to 300%-400% match deposit on top of your initial deposit. This will, of course, increase your chances of winning, but you have to be careful, because if you don’t have a big bankroll at the beginning, you may lose more than you plan to win!

Example: Imagine your online casino is offering you a $100 sticky bonus if you make a $100 deposit. So you deposit $100 and get an extra $100 as a bonus. You now have $200 in your casino account. If you choose to bet your entire balance you will either win or lose your bet.

If you win and then decide to exit the game, you can withdraw the entire balance from your account minus the bonus amount. On the other hand, if you lose and want to stop playing, you will end up losing only the amount of your deposit.

Non-Sticky Bonus

A non-sticky bonus is a cashable bonus. You can withdraw it as soon as you meet the wagering requirements. If an online casino allows you to withdraw all the money you have earned with whatever amount you have left over your original deposit bonus, you will realize that you are dealing with a non-sticky bonus. Most gamblers prefer non-sticky bonuses because they are less complex and because they can cash out their bonus money along with their winnings.

A non-sticky bonus is a bonus that you can withdraw

Example: Imagine that you deposited $100 and received the same amount as a bonus. You now have $100 real money in your account plus $100 approved bonus money. Initially, you will start playing with your real money. As long as you are playing with your real money, you can withdraw it at any time because your real money is not tied to bonus money that you have not touched yet. If you win, you can immediately cash out your winnings without meeting the wagering requirement. Once you started using the $100 bonus you would have to worry about meeting the wagering requirements.

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