Bingo: from the origins to the online version

With the right company, Bingo becomes a truly fun and exciting experience! This board game brings people together and gives them the opportunity to play both just for fun and for real money. Today, anyone can play bingo at an online casino.

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We recently talked about complex casino games that combine tactics and chance, and today we’ll talk about a game that brings people together and just gives them some fun – Bingo! This is one of the most beloved gambling entertainments of millions of players around the world, which is now available in the online version. Stay tuned to find out what this game is about and how fun it can be!

A Brief History of Bingo

For you, Italy is just pasta, pizza and wine? Then you should know that this is also the birthplace of Bingo! Back in the 16th century, the Italians invented a game called Lotto, and over the years it has spread throughout Europe.

When it came to North America, it became known as Bino. The game suddenly turned into Bingo by accident. One of the players who received the winning combination accidentally confused the name of the game and shouted “Bingo!”.

The name Bingo was coined by chance, originally the game was called Bino

In the UK, this game became legal in 1960 and has since become a favorite pastime for thousands of Britons. Later, the scope of Bingo reached a huge scale. Since the mid-80s, national lotteries with multi-million dollar winnings have emerged in many countries, and since 2000 Bingo has moved to an online format. Online Bingo allows people all over the world to play, win and meet other Bingo lovers from all over the world.

Game Description

In Bingo, everything depends on chance. Each player receives a card with numbers printed at random. The host pulls out the numbers one by one. Your task is to check the card for the presence of those numbers in it. The one whose card contains the winning combination first wins. The prize is received by players who have the same numbers in a row, several rows or a block.

In online Bingo, the numbers are selected by a program based on RNG. Unlike the traditional game, in the online version, the computer tells you where you have matches. It can even cross out matches automatically, leaving you more time to chat with other players. Thus, the risk of missing your number is minimized.

Bingo Tips

Now let’s talk about what you should be doing to be more successful at Bingo! For this you need:

  • Limit your budget. Think in advance how much you are willing to spend on cards. Also look out for the bonus offers that online casino sites often offer.
  • Find your favorite game type and favorite site. Different varieties of Bingo are designed for different people, and the same applies to sites. Try different varieties of Bingo and find the casino site with the best conditions to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.
  • Buy multiple cards if you can afford it. We recommend buying multiple cards for 1 game, this is better than multiple simultaneous or consecutive games.

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