Has your gambling habit turned into an unhealthy hobby? Find out which organizations can professionally help with gambling addiction!

Casino games are fun and harmless if you can keep them under control and stop at any moment. But, if your gambling habit has grown into an unhealthy passion, fraught with serious consequences, call for help! You can talk to family or friends or consider psychotherapy. You can also contact responsible gaming organizations for advice on how to maintain game/life balance or to stop playing altogether.

Responsible gambling authorities

Gambling is primarily entertainment, but it can be easy to get carried away. If you are spending more and more time gambling and wasting a lot of money, it’s time to realize that you have a problem and seek qualified help. Talking to family or friends is a good starting point, but you might also consider joining a group support. Here are a few groups that can help you get through the tough times, especially when your desire to play is on the rise!


This organization is funded by an independent British charity. She helps people make informed decisions when it comes to gambling. It provides support as well as various advice for gambling problems through the National Gambling Hotline or NetLine. You can call them every day, from 8 am to midnight. They support different languages.

Gamblers Anonymous

The American community called Gamblers Anonymous has as its goal to help people who want to quit gambling. This organization is made up of people who have or had problems with casino games. They  support each other by sharing knowledge. You can become a member of this organization for free using their website.


A supportive community called GamCare is ready to help you at any moment. This UK national organization offers free information and help to anyone who needs it. You can call them, or contact them via live chat, group chat, or their forum.

Therapy Hotline

The Gambling Therapy Hotline offers practical help and emotional support to anyone whose gambling habit has developed into a life-destroying addiction. The organization also has a program called GamBlock that provides emotional support and advice to those in need. Their expert advisors can be contacted through the Live Advice hotline.


The GiocaResponsabile hotline is run by therapists and other professionals. The website services are freely available; active 11 hours a day by phone (from 9:00 to 20:00). Online support is available round-the-clock including email and chats.

Spielen mit Verantwortung

Are you a German player who wants to overcome gambling addiction? Contact an independent organization called Spielen mit Verantwortung (play responsibly). This body not only provides information about the potential risk that can cause gambling obsession, but also has an interactive counseling program run by professionals.

Self-Exclusion and Self-Limitation

Today, almost every online casino site offers a so-called “Self-Exclusion”. You can self-exclude from each casino or multiple companies at the same time and all you have to do is find the Responsible Gaming section. It is usually located at the bottom of the site. You can also use “Self-Limitation”, with which you can set a limit on the amount you want to deposit per month as well as a limit on losses and the duration of the game session. Many licensed casinos now offer such features to their customers. Among them are Golden Star, Pin Up, Guns Bet and others.

Do you feel like the battle between you and gambling seems unbeatable? Remember that every problem has a solution, and this one too!

Some online casinos invest heavily in gambling awareness and addiction prevention, while the aforementioned responsible gambling organizations go to great lengths to support people with gambling addictions. Let them know if you are struggling and they will definitely help you!

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