How Casino Strategies Help Scammers to Swindle Players

These casino strategies that tell you what to do to win with 100% chance…Oh, they are everywhere and it’s terrible as they are SCAM! Why? Find out by reading this article.

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The casino always wins. This is an old truth. One of those in which the exceptions always prove the rule. But nevertheless, various resources are teeming with information on how to beat an online casino or with a 100% chance of winning in a casino game. This is mathematics that has a strong smell of mysticism.

Avoid win guaranteeing strategies 

“Choose a specific game at a specific time and then bet a specific amount on a specific line. The chance of a jackpot from the first spin is supposedly 96%, and from the second all 100%. The result is 1 thousand dollars in 10 minutes!”, Enthusiastic letters from the winners are attached.

But…all this does not work. Most often, this is a promotion of various kinds of scammers who want to warm their hands on this topic. Even if there is or will be some real way to beat online casinos, you need to understand that they have a fairly serious anti-fraud system. It is almost on the same level as banking, which is natural, because there is a lot of money in the gambling industry. Effective ways to cheat slots, table games or special casino games are not going to be thrown out to the public just like that!

The “beat the online casino following this strategy” scheme is especially attractive because, as it seems to you, its distributors do not receive anything from it. But basically, the link provided in the email or article with such a sweet algorithm leads to a fake copy of the casino page. Then all the money from your wallet that you used for betting is received by scammers and even if you win, you cannot withdraw money.

The conclusion from this part of our article is this: do not get fooled by strategies that guarantee a win, even if you really want to win. Check the sites that links take you to. You can ONLY play in licensed casinos with a good reputation! Unless, of course, you are not eager to give your money to cunning scammers.

The “miracle on trust” business is booming, resist the temptation to win by using a win guarantee strategy on fake casino sites

Slot Strategies That REALLY Help

But there are strategies that work. They are based on logic and they never look like a “get rich quick” plan. They are more like smart advice that is based on facts.

When it comes to slot machines, you need to understand that it is impossible to beat slots. However, by doing certain things, you can try to minimize the house edge. Here are a few of those things:

Prefer to play with a high RTP

If you don’t already know about return to player (RTP), be sure to learn what it is. Most of the adequate strategies are based on this important thing. The most popular of them is to choose games with a high RTP. Simply put, games with an RTP over 96% (market average) tend to be more generous in returning winning spins to players, and this makes them a much better money-winning proposition than their lower RTP counterparts.

Avoid bets that lower the RTP significantly

Most online slots have the same RTP for all types of bets, but some slots significantly worsen the performance of certain bets. Therefore, you should always choose a more profitable type of bet. Let’s explain with an example so you understand what we mean.

For example, betting on all lines costs 2 cents, while betting on 1 winning line will cost you 1 cent. Betting on 1 line is not that profitable and its RTP will be extremely low, so it is smarter to bet 2 cents.

One more example. Full bets open a bonus that doubles the winnings. A game without this cool bonus will probably have a small RTP. This means that you are better off playing another slot or making a full bet with the highest RTP.

Use the Gamble Feature

Slots that have a Gamble feature (feature a la guess the suit of a playing card). It gives you the opportunity to double your winnings with a 50% chance. In some games, you can double your winnings in this way several times in a row.

This feature greatly affects the volatility of the slot by increasing it. As a result, in a long session, instead of a large number of small winnings, you get larger prizes in proportionately fewer. If you are aiming to get a massive prize, then the Gamble feature will be extremely useful for you.

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