What are Progressive Slots and How to Cheat Them

Today we answer the most common questions from our readers related to progressive slots. It’s time to learn how to deal with them!

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The regular slot and the jackpot slot are hugely popular, but the real king among them is the progressive jackpot slot. Today we answer the most common questions from our readers: about progressive slots, what is a jackpot meter, how to influence the progressive jackpot trigger and how the jackpot can drop. Beyond that, we’re talking about what are your chances of winning the progressive jackpot!

Progressive Jackpot Slots

What is a progressive jackpot and how does it grow?

Simply put, a progressive slot is a slot with an increased portion of the stakes to increase the maximum jackpot. When the slot machine is first turned on after a progressive jackpot is won by a boy or a girl, it gets the initial size, which is chosen randomly and is non-zero.  From a randomly selected point, the jackpot grows with each player spinning the reels because each progressive jackpot increases by a percentage of any bet.

The progressive jackpot will continue to grow until it is won by some lucky person. Some slots are known for making players multimillionaires in this way. After each jackpot win, the accumulation process begins anew. This is how the cycle works.

The progressive jackpot has its own cycle. It accumulates from a random value and grows until some player wins it. Then it resets to a random value and starts growing again.

However, it is worth noting that some casino providers have progressive jackpots that can only reach a certain limit. You can find out if the jackpot has a set limit or not in the info tab of the slot.

What is a jackpot meter for?

Sometimes on the screen you can see the so-called progressive jackpot meter – this is a feature that is designed to display the current size of the pot. Usually it does not bring any special benefit and is done only to attract players. Sometimes you may see that the jackpot counter is also called the jackpot ticker as it ticks up increasing the jackpot.

The amount of the jackpot increases with each game on any slot machine connected to the jackpot network. The casino sets the amount by which the jackpot increases. For example, on a game with a 5% edge, the contribution to the pot can be 1/5 of the expected profit, which is 1%. The house usually contributes because players are attracted by the ever-changing meter and large numbers on the screen.

How is the progressive jackpot triggered?

There are different jackpots and there are different ways to trigger them. It all depends on the game and the casino provider. We highlight the most common ways to do this:

Spin that Wheel

Once you trigger the progressive jackpot wheel, the slot will show a new screen and finally give you the chance to spin the wheel. On this wheel, as a rule, all progressive jackpots are present. Basically, they look like sections with the names of prizes written on them, such as Minor, Major, Mega, etc. 

Your task is simple – focus and have the courage to press the wheel or the “spin” button to set the wheel in motion. Any prize the wheel stops at is yours. Most often, the player is given only 1 spin, so this is a really exciting experience! As we said above, once the jackpot is activated and goes straight to your bankroll, it will be reset to start growing from a random point.

Match these Symbols

You can also trigger the jackpot by creating a combination of matching symbols. This works the same way as if you had created any other winning combination, such as 3 oak. The number and type of symbols required to win the jackpot varies from game to game. Most often this is the most difficult combination. Of course, no casino will give you the jackpot so easily!

Just Like That

We said above that no casino will give you the jackpot so easily, but that’s not 100% true. There are exceptions. You can play a slot machine that can trigger the progressive jackpot at any time! This makes the gameplay exciting. Most often, such slots claim that the higher your bet, the higher your chances of getting the desired prize.

How to influence the jackpot trigger

Whether you’ve been playing casino games for a while or you’re a beginner, you must have wondered how slots work, hoping to hack the mechanism behind them to win all their money.

There really is no easy answer, no single loss prevention technique. Hitting the jackpot or just winning a mediocre prize is all about luck and smart play. But you already knew that, right?

But if you’re wondering how to win at progressive slots or what strategy to choose when playing them, here are some tips to consider:

Create a Jackpot Budget

When you try to hit the jackpot, your blood boils and you often can’t get enough. The situation can get out of control and the best thing you can do is create an adequate budget for the jackpot and stick to it. As long as you are rational, you will not suffer!

Bet big enough

Make sure your bets match your chance of winning the maximum prize. Check the info tab as requirements vary from game to game. If you are not careful with this and make a jackpot combination on the screen, you will only get a piece of the jackpot! That wouldn’t be very nice, would it?

Take action when the pot is massive

The larger the jackpot, the more people spin the reels of the slot in the hope of hitting this colossal prize. Get ready to be one of those people, because spinning when the jackpot is huge is really the right time!

Say no to bad mood

The concept of luck is a philosophical thing and we all see it differently, but luck has always inspired and influenced players, or at least we should believe it. Professional players live by it and beginners rely on it. We think including it in your gameplay might not be the worst move. Try not to play slots and other casino games in a bad mood to avoid making the wrong decisions.

Online casinos have changed the way most players think about gambling. Today, most of the fun and cool games take place online, although in the past the competition for land-based casinos seemed unimaginable.

Spinning the reels on different types of slot machines is cool and fun, but nothing beats the fast growing jackpots in slot machines, right? For the next or current fight for a major progressive jackpot, use the information from our blog. We are here so you can play responsibly and trust your intuition – you never know what will happen on your next spin. Good luck!

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