Today our focus is on the so-called Pincoins in a vibrant Pin Up casino filled with sexy and flirty pin up-style women. Let’s see what these coins are, why they are called that way and WHY you should(not) collect them!

Pin Up Casino is truly one of our favorite! It offers a variety of games including blackjack, craps, roulette and slot machines but the collection of games is not the only thing they boast.

We also love them for their decent customer service: always available by phone or online chat. Naturally, if you see this casino on the GambleFAQ website, you understand that it is completely safe to play here. We checked them for a license and found that they are licensed by the Maltese government, one of the highest quality licensors.

Today we took a look at their promo page. It offers many bonuses for new and regular visitors – bonuses that are easy to both get and wager. They are interesting and varied, but our focus today is on the so-called Pincoins. Let’s see what kind of coins they are, why they are called that way and what they are for!

Pin Up Casino Pincoins

Briefly about what are Pin Up Casino Pincoins

Pincoins (PNC) is the internal exclusive currency in Pin Up Online Casino. You can also find them in other online casinos but under a different name (Comp Points, Fresh Coins, Star Coins, etc.). The name “Pincoins” was inspired by the name of this particular casino.

This currency is tied to the Pin Up reward system. That is, this is a kind of reward that a player can receive for achievements. The more the user has earned Pincoins, the more privileges he will be able to get in the online casino. In the future, they are exchanged for different things: real money, points and free spins. Let’s see what achievements you can get them for!

Where do Pin Up Casino Pincoins come from?

Pincoins are generated on your account for certain achievements. Here is a list of achievements with an indication of the number of coins you can get for them:

  • Fill your casino profile and get 50 PNC
  • Verify your account and get 50 PNC
  • Confirm email and get 55 PNC
  • Play your first game with real money and get 150 PNC
  • Play any one slot every day and get 10 PNC
  • Play daily in 5 different slots and get 30 PNC

You can also get coins by winning them with a loot box and making deposits.

Statuses at Pin Up Casino

There are 8 statuses in Pin Up casino in total. Your status directly affects the exchange rate of Pincoins for real money, so you have a serious motivation to increase your status here. Also, you will earn some Pincoins every time you achieve a new, more profitable status:

  • At first you have no status – 0 PNC
  • With Newbie status you will receive 5 PNC
  • The Amateur status will bring you 20 PNC
  • Once you reach Experienced status, you will be credited with 40 PNC
  • Expert status will give you 50 PNC
  • Reach Master level and get 60 PNC
  • Become a Risk Seeker and get 70 PNC
  • Get the status of Fortune’s Favorite and the casino will give you 80 PNC
  • Status Fortune Catcher comes with 90 PNC

Where are the Pincoins going?

You can exchange Pincoins for real money, points and free spins. When you exchange them for real money you exchange them according to your actual exchange rate which depends on your status. Here’s how it works:

StatusNumber of Pincoins to receiveExchange rateWager
Experienced 200026:1х60
Risk Seeker 1000020:1х50
Fortune’s Favorite1500018:1х50
Fortune Catcher2000016:1х50
Lord of Gambling2500014:1х40

Pincoins are a pretty nice addition to everything a Pin Up Casino has to offer. This is a great motivation to fill out your account, verify it, confirm email, play for real money for the first time and for other activities. Signing up at this casino just for the opportunity to get Pincoins is not the best idea but as part of the promotion they work great and are definitely worth your attention.

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