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The world of gambling is covered with many legends. People make up these myths about famous players, favors of fortune, what goes on behind the scenes of the casino and so on.

Many casino games were also not deprived of the attention of myth lovers, and one of them is baccarat. This casino card game has been out of reach for middle-class players for a long time, which has given rise to many rumors. Today, any player can test their luck in baccarat, but many do not dare to do this because of a misconception about it. The GambleFAQ team is here today to debunk the myths about baccarat! Read on to finally see this game in its purest form, without a touch of mysticism.

Baccarat Card Game

Myth 1: You can calculate the order of cards dealt

We start this blog post with a myth that professional baccarat players are able to calculate the order in which cards are dealt. Well… it’s really possible if the player knows shuffle tracking and some other card-tracking tricks. However, this is possible only in land-based casinos and only if the croupier neglects his work.

Equally unreliable is the myth that there is some divine order in which the cards come out, which only certain special players know. In fact, the cards are dealt in a completely random order, which is impossible to calculate. If someone claims that after some combination of cards a certain one will come out, know that this is nothing more than guesswork.

Myth 2: Betting systems help you win

On the GambleFAQ website, you can see dozens and dozens of articles that talk about why betting systems don’t work. However, there are still thousands of creators and fans of betting systems who claim that with the right system they are able to achieve a stable positive result in casino games.

We, as experienced players, can once again say with full confidence that there is not a single betting system for baccarat in the world that could at least reverse the advantage of the casino in favor of the player, not to mention the guarantee of constant winnings. Do not let yourself be fooled by random “know-it-alls” from the Internet!

Myth 3: Card counting works with baccarat

In various varieties of blackjack, card counting is undoubtedly a powerful weapon in the hands of a smart player. This is such a powerful technique that in most casinos it is considered a violation of the rules.

This technique is completely useless when playing in an online casino, but in the case of a card game like baccarat, it will not be useful even in land-based casinos. The complete uselessness of card counting in baccarat was proven by Edward Thorp, whose professionalism is beyond doubt.

Myth 4: Your skills and abilities help to achieve a positive result

We cannot say that baccarat is one of the games in which your skills and abilities are decisive. To feel confident at the table with experienced players, it is enough to know that the punto bet is more profitable than the banco bet, and it is generally better not to bet on a draw. Baccarat is not blackjack or poker, there is no complex strategy that increases the player’s chances of winning.

Baccarat is not blackjack or poker, there is no complex strategy that increases the player’s chances of winning

Myth 5: Baccarat is only for rich people and aristocrats

Many people still believe that baccarat is a game of rich people or the aristocracy, since it was once played only by representatives of the upper classes. It’s not true, those days are long gone. Nowadays, online casinos offer baccarat to all players without exception on the same terms as other card games. Among the best online casinos offering baccarat, we highlight Pin Up and Jackpot City.

You can play this card game with very low bets. Moreover, there is a mini-baccarat, which was specially created for all players without exception.

Myth 6: There’s no point in playing baccarat if you can’t control it

Many people consider baccarat to be an outdated gambling game that you should not pay attention to in online casinos. They say we won’t be able to beat the casino, betting systems don’t work, cards can’t be counted – so what’s the point of playing it? But in reality, baccarat is one of the most profitable games available at online casinos!

Baccarat is one of the most profitable games available at online casinos!

The best variations of this card game offer a theoretical return approaching 99%. Not all blackjacks and video pokers can achieve such a high RTP, not to mention slot machines. Add to this advantage the uncomplicated but exciting gameplay, a wide range of bets and the simplest rules, and you will understand that baccarat is a worthwhile option.

Myth 7: Online baccarat works in favor of the casino

Does online baccarat work in favor of the casino? No, this is a classic misconception that applies to all online casino games. People say that it is impossible to win at online casino games because the programs manipulate the results.

We will not argue with the fact that scams happen in online gambling. You can indeed become a victim of scammers, but only if you play in scam casinos.

In licensed online casinos, the results of draws in baccarat and other games are determined ONLY by a random number generator. Operators cannot influence the outcome of games in any way.

But do not forget that the rules of the game are not on your side, over a long period of time you will inevitably lose a certain part of the total amount of bets! This is what is called casino advantage.

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