The advantages of online casinos over offline games are really many. But still, some players bypass them by choosing land-based slots or land-based table games, and some even write comments on our site like “I HATE online casino games because…“. Well, we got you guys. You have some reasons not to like online casino games. Today we will choose 3 reasons not to like online casino games that are talked about most often and analyze them a bit. Let’s get started!

Why Players HATE Online Casino Games

What is wrong with online casino games?

Despite all the positive aspects of online casino games: additional functionality, demo mode, different difficulty levels, online bonuses, higher RTP, etc., they also have disadvantages. Here is what, according to the players, should be attributed to the disadvantages of online casino games:


It is a lot of fun to relax in a land-based casino with a rich looking environment. You order a couple of cocktails, listen to music and chat with friends or other casino visitors while playing your favorite casino games. When you play online there is no such cool environment. Yeah, you have the option to play with a virtual dealer but that doesn’t always solve the loneliness problem. You are still sitting alone at the screen of a PC or mobile device.


Having often tried to gamble online, players cannot stop. The fact is that online games are extremely bright, exciting and always available – just open an online casino and press the play button!

Thus, players become addicted to the gambling world, which is quite difficult to cope with without outside help. But to be fair, let’s say that such an addiction can appear not only because of online casino games, but also because of other online entertainment that has nothing to do with the casino.

Gambling addiction usually occurs not in those who gamble for fun and new experiences, but in those who spin the reels of online slots or sit down by the virtual casino game table to escape from the oppressive reality or from their problems. If you have such an addiction, we strongly recommend you to seek help from one of the responsible organizations.

Use of personal data

Some players do not want to give out any of their personal information for security reasons and some players do not want to do this because they are not ready to admit that they are playing at an online casino.

They want to remain anonymous. This is not possible when playing for real money. When you register at a casino, you must always provide real personal data. Without identity verification, you will not be able to withdraw money from the system.

You should know that the verification procedure with entering personal data in an online casino is very important. It is needed in order to counteract the laundering of profits received from illegal activities, as well as to confirm that the person from whom the documents were received registered in the system.


We don’t know if you have noticed or not, but all the above disadvantages of online casino games that players told us about: loneliness, addiction and use of personal data are united by the fact that they are the result of internal problems of the players. DO NOT play casino games because of loneliness and to avoid your problems, it is better to consult a psychologist. Casino games do not solve your personal problems!

Now let’s talk about the use of players’ personal information. You will not be afraid to give the casino your real name if you play at an online casino just for fun. You will not be ashamed.You should also understand that the collection of personal information in an online casino is a very important thing, which is primarily aimed at protecting players. If a licensed casino asks you to enter your phone number or address, this is normal!

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