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Pin Up Casino stands out in many ways, including its unusual design with impeccable flirty pin-up girls emblazoned on their banners. However, their players are more attracted not by them, but by the bright red inscription “Aviator”. It’s right in the top menu of the main page of their official website. By clicking on this inscription you will open … the game! Yeah, Pin Up Casino has indeed dedicated one section of its main menu to a single game. So what makes this game special? Read on to find out!

Aviator Game gameplay

Pin Up game Aviator is a slot but it is not like any other slots you have tried before. The non-standard gameplay is its main advantage. It is based on the flight of the aircraft. It moves across the screen and at the same time the curve grows, which directly affects the coefficient.

The longer the flight of the plane-traveler, the more triumphant your victory. For example: you bet a certain amount and cashed it out when the monitor showed odds of 3.00. Congratulations, the original bet is back with a 3x advantage! However, it is very important to press the “Cash out” button before the plane goes about its business. It always happens quickly and without warning.

The intrigue is alive throughout the flight! The flight can be stopped both at coefficient 1.00 and at 1.000. The fact that the participants get the chance to win big money makes Aviator one of the most profitable games for them.

Play together with other players!

Another positive side of Aviator is that players do not play it alone. It’s multiplayer entertainment! There is a special built-in chat where you can chat with other players and improve your social skills. An experienced player here can give pin up casino aviator hack things to newcomers. 

This is done without malicious intent! This is not poker, there is no rivalry between users. Everyone makes their own bets and can cash out at any time, regardless of other bettors. 

Pin Up Casino Aviator hack

There is no way to hack this game but you can easily increase your chances of winning big by doing certain things. First, listen to the advice of experienced players that they give in live chat. Do not be afraid that they are lying to you, as we have already said above, there is no place for malicious intent, since there is no rivalry between the players.

Secondly, keep in mind the RTP of this game. Its rules state that the RTP is 97%. Analyze this and you can understand that in 3 out of 100 flights, the break in the prize line will occur at the very beginning of takeoff.

Third, analyze statistics. The provider collects it and every player can get acquainted with it. To do this, look at the window, which is located at the top of the screen. The statistics show the winning odds of the last 15 rounds.

Aviator game pin up strategy

The gameplay of Pin Up Casino Aviator is extremely simple. However, it is a real gift for all those who like to build their own winning strategies. Here each player can come up with an individual enrichment recipe. Nevertheless, there are already proven winning schemes in this slot machine and here are some of them:

  • Cash out in a small range of odds. We, as experienced players, recommend that you take odds from 1.1 to 1.4 for yourself. Our experience has shown that in most cases the aircraft ends up at these points!
  • Go to the statistics, bet history and find the last big odds (100 and above). Add 1 hour to that odds time and make 2 bets at the same time. 1st let it be with a coefficient of 35-40, and 2nd with 100. The logic of this scheme is simple. A simulator is a sequential action of algorithms. Coefficient 100 appears somewhere 1 time for 1–1.5 hours. You might be lucky and your mathematical expectation will bring you a big prize!
  • The next mathematical approach is to bet 1% of your current balance. Wait for the plane to increase the odds to 1.5, then hit the “Cash out” button. Failed to win? Increase the next bet by the amount you lost.
  • It is worth waiting until the series with odds of 1.0–1.8 repeats 10 times in a row. Only after that make 2 bets with the same amount and cash out in the range of 5-15!

Remember that online no one, even the most successful strategy, can guarantee a momentary positive result. On a bad day, you can listen to the roar of an airplane engine for an hour in a row and walk away with nothing, and the next day, only 1 bet is enough for a huge jackpot.

How to play this game?

You are looking at a flying plane. The longer its path, the higher the coefficient. The coefficient value is displayed on the curve. You should choose the amount of the bet, and at your own discretion, press the “Cash Out” button. Did you do this before the plane left the screen? Then the amount of your prize is calculated depending on the coefficient.

How to win in Aviator?

There are strategies developed by us and other experienced players (see above). You can follow them or develop your own success strategy. In any case, we recommend that you follow the statistics that are displayed on the screen. You can also just follow your intuition and cash out whenever you see fit.

How to get free spins in Aviator?

If you don’t want to play Aviator for real money then play in free demo mode or use free spins. You can get free spins in a variety of ways. Pin Up Casino gives free spins for registration, for activity and also for passing quizzes.

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